Jef L. Stebbene
Jef L. Stebbene Maple Springs Vineyard
The purpose of this note is to tell you how happy we are with the purchase of our ProCasa PF 600! This machine has provided us with a great bottling solution for our small winery. Before we purchased the ProCasa, we had to bring in a large truck to bottle our wine. This added a huge per bottle expense as we had very small lots. Our entire productions is screw cap and the PF600 provides a fast, convenient, and accurate way to fill both our 375 and 750 mL bottles. Anyone wh has worked with bottling equipment knows how finicky it can be. In the three years that we have been using our PF600, we have had very few issues, and the majority could be worked out quickly on the phone. We have received only first rate service from ProCasa that has included updates and customization of the equipment for our individual needs.

In a competitive environment where there are many options to bottle your wine, I am pleased with our purchase and the performance of the machine. The original design is efficient, easy to use, and there is extremely little loss of product. On top of that, the unit is easy to clean and sanitize. It is a great piece of equipment and I would highly recommend it.


Jef L. Stebben

Maple Springs Vineyard

Maple Springs Vineyard

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