"What ProCasa High Speed Filler and Capper Customers Say ..."

"The design is efficient, easy to use, and there is extremely little loss of product. We are extremely happy with our ProCasa PF 300C."

ProCasa Fills & Caps More Bottles in Less Time

Fill your bottling needs with a ProCasa High Speed Filler and Capper. The ProCasa Filler lets you bottle right from the barrel or tank, equipped with a built in 30 x 60 ROPP Stainless Steel Capper.

ProCasa Safe for Wine & Distilled Spirits

The ProCasa High Speed Filler and Capper is safe for wine and distilled spirits. All wetted parts are made with stainless steel food grade components.

ProCasa’s PreProgrammed PLC TouchScreen Control

ProCasa High Speed Fillers come preprogrammed for easy operation, including sanitizing functions, automatic bottle calibration and a host of onscreen tools and filling statistics.

Multi Media Bar