Features & Benefits

ProCasa High Speed Filler/Capper Features

  • Bottle right from the barrel or tank
  • Rapid PLC set up
  • Innovative design utilizing Acme screw drive technology
  • Stainless Steel food grade components on wetted parts
  • High-speed CNC fill heads
  • Independent variable flow valves
  • Color PCL interactive touch screen
  • Selectable bottle fill sizes
  • Built in sparging/purge ports
  • Rapid pneumatic 30×60 Capper Capper operation under 2 seconds
  • Optional step up transformer
  • Built in automatic sanitizing feature

ProCasa High Speed Filler/Capper Benefits

  • Less disruption of wine/no air entrainment
  • Users can calibrate /start filling in minutes
  • Low maintenance for life of machine
  • Safe for wine and distilled spirits
  • Quiet operation / accurate fill levels
  • Controls the fill speed for optimized filling
  • User-friendly and easy operation
  • Fill 375ml, 750ml, and 1500ml bottles
  • Use your choice of gas for sparging/purging of bottle
  • Capper operation under 2 seconds
  • Converts 120vac to 220vac 1ph
  • Assuring efficient cleaning of pump/lines

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